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Online shopping experience has undergone a never-before revolution courtesy the burgeoning volume of group buying systems and daily deals. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that with the advent of online daily deals websites, shopping is increasingly becoming more of a sport or rather a leisure-time activity for customers in comparison to the tedious, time consuming and exhaustive experience it was considered in the bygone days. Group buying system is one of the most sought-after shopping trends in cyber space and is definitely, at its hey days.  Thanks to the easy access that these provide to attractive and almost un-miss-able deals, buyers are ought to be hooked on to living social deals almost on a daily or rather hourly basis. Daily deals are credited with providing a string of benefits to prospective buyers who are put in a win-win situation, in more ways than one. For one, they give customers an opportunity to select and shop for products or services even when not in the vicinity of their wallets, at a mere click of button! Furthermore, the overwhelmingly trimmed prices at which they offer products or services are just too good to be ignored! The attractive coupons, heavy discounts and huge savings that living social deals offer make it rather irresistible for people to turn their backs to them.

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