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Restaurant booking 30-06-2015

With its new Reserve product, YoDeals is transitioning away from being just a daily deals site.
Diners can use YoDeals Reserve to book tables at fancy restaurants for a discounted rate (up to 40 percent), no pre-payment required. For restaurant-owners, it’s an opportunity to fill tables on slow nights, a big boost for business. Well-known eateries like Le Cirque in New York City, Chaya Brasserie in Los Angeles, and db Bistro Moderne in Miami have already signed up.
Landing_PageYodeals Reserve isn’t just catering to restaurants, although that’s the initial area of focus. The website will also offer discounts for high-end spas, hotels, and salons.
YoDeals Reserve was first tested on consumers in Chicago in May. The product has been under development for about a year and is part of the impetus behind the acquisition of, a New York-based reservations and dining discount startup. The program will use’s reservations engine.
With this new product, YoDeals is targeting well-heeled consumers with spending power. In a statement, the Chicago-based company described Reserve as a destination for the “finest things to eat, see, do, and buy.”

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